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I am Amanda, a personal trainer and nutrition coach for women who are looking to transform their bodies and mindset around food and exercise.

Health and fitness should be a daily part of our life, but not an all-consuming thought. I am here to help lead you to your health goals without feeling overwhelmed or defeated.


I have been there for years. I tried every diet, even going to extreme measures to drop some body fat. I just wanted to feel confident. However, the quick fixes and a DIET mindset only lead me right back to where I was.

I want to share exactly how changing your mindset and stacking healthy everyday habits of nutrition and exercise can help you achieve your goals, increase your confidence, never gain the weight back again!

Amanda Vollrath, Fitness & Nutrition Coach
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Helping women 35+ fall in love with their bodies


Amanda Vollrath, Nutrition Coach, holding an apple

I don’t  do diets, there isn’t a list of “NO” foods or silly rules to follow. Together we will discover the foods you need more of for your particular body type and goals.


We will discuss how we can add in more nutrient-dense foods, even when you’re busy and on the go.


So you can keep the foods you love - a glass of wine on date night, or Friday night pizza - in your routine, and still reach your weight and fitness goals!

The Lean Lifestyle 

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What it looks like to work with me...


Book Your Consultation


Map Out Your Goals


Check-in Weekly

Amanda will meet with you in a video chat on in person to get an in-depth understanding of you and your goals.

A custom plan for workouts and nutrition, including a daily habit checklist, will be delivered in an app so it's right at your fingertips.

Weekly accountability check-ins will occur through the app, and you'll be added to a VIP support group with other women to cheer you on.

The Results:

At the end of 14 weeks, you will be down inches, stronger, more confident, and feeling sexier than you have in years!

What are Clients Saying?


 "I have definitely gained more confidence since working with you…and muscle!"

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